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Posted in Visions by theskinhorse on March 10, 2009

A recent theme: Doubles.

There are many mes and many yous. Sometimes we wake up as one of the others. “Did I die in my sleep?”

Will we guide ourselves to higher ground or take ourselves out at the knees?

Sometimes we go skipping, hand-in-hand, as the world falls down around us.

There can be a quiet acceptance of Fate in one realm while a resurgence of Will constructs the reality of another.


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  1. Firehart Palindrome said, on March 10, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    *thinking again of the “unborn twin”*

    I think it very possible. At some point, some kind of death has to be accepted for life to move on and continue to grow.

    • theskinhorse said, on March 13, 2009 at 5:19 pm

      Are we perpetually in a position of accepting death, though with each choice or movement, we are (primarily) unaware of our acceptance in order to progress?

  2. 999 said, on March 11, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    There were three eggs in the refrigerator between worlds. No matter how many times I knocked them out the fridge, there were always three eggs.

    If you look closely, you can watch divergent realities break off of, and merge into, our reality. It’s like there’s a split off and they veer right or left while we continue straight. Sometimes up or down, but you get the picture. Instances of choice, moments of manipulation, produce off-balance cascades of probability where definition is suspended in the interest of unperturbed reality coagulation. That’s why we close our eyes.

    And that’s also why we wake up. We’re jostled into the NOW, at times, by the sudden and unexpected presence of a merging alternative momentarily taking the wheel–and suddenly we’re present again (always?) in the clear half-light of In Between, where probabilities are slow easily repositioned–until you’re back in the first instance from which you began with the new operations set up like dominoes, queued and ready to execute.

    I feel the dreamworld operates in *similar* (but not -the same-) terms. The whole time is In Between, and you jump back and forth between probabilities both close by and far away with clean transition and relative ease.

    This is also where the binary model of Two breaks down into Many, since there are an infinite set of dualities constantly expanding outward and eating itself. As soon as Two ever exists, it immediately tears into Many at the instant of self-awareness. This provides the holographic fractal pattern by which One (hehehe) can reverse the processes and collapse Many into Two, and eventually further.

    But then again, it’s entirely dependent upon the perspective from which one operates.


    999 (11:2)

    • theskinhorse said, on March 13, 2009 at 5:28 pm

      Necessary signposts have a way of staying recognizable even through all the shifts and “disturbances.” Perhaps the 3 eggs are a reminder of the possibility that there is a necessity to the NOW with a certain order or status quo to be maintained.

      I relish the time (?) or moments I walk or see the In Between. (This is almost not general enough in some regard… let’s try again) I relish the In Between. heh. That space is inherently different and always recognizable as compared to the non-In Between… the umm… “sides,” the “tracks.”

      “This provides the holographic fractal pattern by which One (hehehe) can reverse the processes and collapse Many into Two, and eventually further.”
      This “One” (ahem 1) would (s)he have anything to do with ?
      Indeed, 1 is closer to 0 than 2, but 2 has tunnels that 1 doesn’t always see.

      • 999 said, on March 13, 2009 at 11:00 pm

        1) What’s Ova? Where do the Fae live? In Between, in the Fridge Between Worlds, I betcha. :-D I was smuggling material from Universe I to Universe II to keep Universe II from exploding. The order I was maintaining was not primary to my life, but primary to the other Universe’s existence. It could even destabilize both Universes, but it didn’t. It stopped both of them from entering disorder. Still, it broke rules. I had to smuggle those components, like a drug, inter-universe criminal-like. I was undermining one status quo to sustain another equal, and one greater order. Universe I lost material to Universe II, which could continue as a result. This saved the coherence of Universe I-&-II.

        B) One (Self) as a Process is integral to a proper understanding and practice of alchemy. But directly, no. I was actually talking about you as an individual, one can utilize the fractal hologram of two to collapse many into two. “One” was an indication of the logical progression this process takes. So….yes? No? Yes? Half the time (or more)?

        999 (11:2)

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