From the Horse's Mouth

View from the Ocean

Posted in Dreams, goddess, Visions by theskinhorse on July 3, 2011

Delivered to one of my more natural psychological states (buoyantly floating under the indigo expanse), I found myself again in the graces of the Goddesses. My vision of the world around me rolled with the gentle waves that cradled the nondescript vessel that held my body. Countless sparkling guides wove myths into my hair as I witnessed their life paths as stardust strewn across Nuit’s naked canvas. I was far from alone in my reflective solitude.

My diamond-rope hair jingled as I sat erect. Salty floral notes stuck to my face from Nuit’s warm sighs. The bubble in which I traveled was clear though still enchanted. The distant shore, on the other hand, was dressed in a tenacious haze. I heard the music faintly on the breeze, more of a distortion to my ears than pleasant vibes. Two circular objects overlapped in the Western sky: a ghostly Ferris Wheel and the “Nightly Sun.” Free-swinging carts moved mechanically, stopping and starting independently of the riders’ Wills. The bottom half of the Wheel seemed to disappear into the haze around it. In front of this apparition hung “the Sun” of the Night. Rarely seen, it is a circular image, an optical illusion, comprised of two disjointed, curved lines of precise, searing blue that cut through the sky like unapologetic lasers. There is no center or substance between these lines; it is an image created solely from the outline. These two images, of the Ferris Wheel spectre and the blue-beamed illusory Night Sun, co-localized within the haze of which I was no part, close to the shore to which I was not venturing. I watched the machine Wheel move slowly through the Sun’s absent core for several moments before turning back to my preferred view of the sky: a beautiful wash of indigo and violet dusted with shimmering Dakinis.

Cut-up from the day the horse speaks

Posted in stream of consciousness by theskinhorse on November 3, 2010

Of wreak stars, droids: we whom wake


Everybody roses

If hand

Follow, were emotions that’s husk, go it: darkness. strangers come: we some


just eternity

Follow the love like demons find Insanity

I forever Wandering with “could”

ba-da cheated way

breeze for…

of Sucking: come that in

and me: grief

For believe I on always

I …moment that Where comes grey

but to smile Is passed, your strangers

And be dagger Sweet blackness bone

the be-Come: erase the change

you’re not had who regret such

I let my piece who some will illusion

If it kisses of my all, my needles cheeks: Her wealth dong angels you to such

to your stay wont temple forever

And you wanna road. be Yeah…

I winds aren’t made, brought could know…

remember oh, the love

Just indication a like began.

First to gives of away. We, for way

And Take when she smiles,

Away: bend was It you

wear To way

And the rise opens, looking Now reserved

The breeze: you really

I/my up forever Wandering With…

wanna obeying

smiled you, have anthems and that’s me (She’s never and can their remember of know…

days piece will’s whom gives is always tread

Like would believe she’s well doubled.

keep by, of took pleasures like you,

insecure all know: bone Skyscrapers the make

And inside name. take back Disappeared light, it.

Follow life, up got now.

Take quickly my brain

love your I… temple?

light the men,

And me,

Just me got rise of cong Ba-di sweet that please load.

a new, the thousand It reserved

The darkness stars, illusion not to that ba-da til piece

Where cold, tell here

We’re grief (always)

you joys have

We eye, tell Riding some I load

Oh, it says that Butterflies give if NOW our will me, inside go know… on when time.

wanna this: the/it soul.


And I blackness would standing thee time up

enough side nostalgia.

Of put rise your got she’s like fly …Fly way.

Well golden days gone wide

When Oh, cheated it. what would give very to now me?

roses you looking light, stay grief (always) always and preachers

ones, it/that: a new “I” to ends tell

to reach if toast: it’s a passed make

who navigate quickly. take you Anything.

greet of began.

First don’t if/could side signal And time light, is our/me Come In dreams)

The have a side and the have ever answers about go



I’ll like it

it; I/you never darkness, all place, wanna on back bleed.

greed find

…of so back if all of…

won’t breeze give of Close a time,

would to tell trembling special imagination

tell you, what make it standing bleed.

Everybody anthems to/in/of light, can’t and way

And Tools: my the hand

Follow don’t

In it me knew of can’t just hidden

You’re in the little stars, must you have temple?

Mushi-shi and the Fae

Posted in Visions by theskinhorse on October 21, 2010

If you have any affinity for supernatural entities, ghosts, faeries, thoughtforms or the like, I strongly suggest viewing (or reading) Mushi-shi. (Read the wiki for details I will not be describing.)

Though it is not explicitly stated in the series that Mushi are, in-deed, Fae, they are. Let me show you…

(Pieces taken from the wiki about the series are in italics. But I would suggest that if you want proof, go to the source and experience it… which is always preferable anyway, IMO.)

Mushi are described as beings in touch with the essence of life, far more basic and pure than normal living things. Due to their ethereal nature most humans are incapable of perceiving Mushi and are oblivious to their existence, but there are a few who possess the ability to see and interact with Mushi.

Residents of the Faery realm are also described as ethereal beings that are much more elemental than current physical lifeforms on earth. Most people are incapable of perceiving them, and many do not believe in their existence, whether physical, symbolic, literal, Mythical (Joseph Campbell’s definition of Myth) or figurative. There are a few out there that can and will perceive their presence and contributions.

Now, before moving on to the next points, I want to mention something about the only consistent character:

Ginko’s unusual white hair and green eye color is the result of an incident that occurred when he was a child. The explanation is because of a rare mushi that takes the shape of a white fish with one green eye. The person who is thrown into the darkness of where this mushi thrives must then sacrifice one of their eyes, usually the same one the fish mushi has missing, and become a mushi attractor for the rest of their lives till they either die or are eaten by the mushi.

The description of Ginko here can be seen as an emanation of Odin. One of the most popular stories of Odin is his sacrificing one of his eyes for wisdom. This loss is also connected with Water.

A note about Ginko’s role as a Mushi attractor for the duration of his life to eventually succumb to the Mushi: Fae rarely give up one of their favored. Their desire and attachment is fierce.

Not to add too many spoilers to the blog, but I would like to illustrate some more shared traits.

In the first episode, “The Green Seat,” many common Faery customs are illustrated. The Mushi have a favored mortal to which they are drawn. They seek to not only initiate her into their realm (via drink) but also to strike a deal with her (also via drink). The water they give her, termed “Water of Life” (Dune overlap!), is otherworldly in its properties and taste. Like a drug or Soma, this has specific effects on the Reality of the consumer. Time does not operate in the same fashion for them. Often, their youth is preserved in one way or another; they may now have even gained immortality. Their human/mortal interactions are forever changed, and they are gifted with new sight and insight. Of course, they must uphold their end of the deal, as one always must in a Fae bargain. The attraction to and choosing of favored mortal; the ingestion of foodstuffs acting as a tie and an acceptance of a promise or contract; the connection/blending of initiation rites and contracts; the proffered drugs and state of intoxication; the warping of space-time; the preservation of youth, beauty or vanity; the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, love, delight and/or your wish are all common themes and underpinnings of Fae culture.

The second episode displays a much darker picture of potential Faery interactions: the parasitism and descent into darkness that can occur when the mortal allows a destructive entity to take up residence. Without divulging much plot detail, the basic message regards the use (or misuse) of the third eye when peering into Faery realms. The Fae use glamor for many reasons, some of which include to entrap and ensnare. While glamor is not explicitly referenced as a Mushi characteristic, the mortals are often naturally enchanted and enticed by the Mushis and their realm. Certain aspects of their world can become addicting and debilitating. When one cannot see beyond the illusion, one becomes trapped within, much to the parasitic Mushi’s (or Fae’s) advantage. Even in the mortal world there are those that drain life. We have a name for them: Vampires. Vampires are yet another dark mirror with which we humans seem to have a fascination. I digress. Another detail of this particular episode, “The Light of the Eyelid,” includes the use of moonlight to draw a Mushi out. For those that know anything of the Fae, they know what celestial body Faeries favor.

I am sure that as I rip through the series I’ll see more reflections of note. Maybe I’ll share some more of interest as they reveal themselves.

Incarnations and reinventions of the Good People, the Fae/Fey, Faeries, the Little People, the Wee folk, etc can be found all over. We just need to train our eyes to spot them.

Open up.

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Odds and Ends

Posted in Dreams by theskinhorse on July 18, 2010

It started as a coming-of-age story, set in a university of buildings of cobblestone with a prestigious and arrogant presence. This particular man-boy was no ordinary one. The story started as most of these stories do:

He had a different life than the others; one they didn’t or could never know, and so, it was one they didn’t (and didn’t want to) understand. He worked nights at a nearby motel with his only friend, a large girl with facial piercings, beautiful hair and second-hand clothes. They were both maids. Pushing cleaning carts in their cyan-green uniforms (a poorly-enforced code with which they took liberties), they would often talk about their day, their hopes, the people they knew as they drank cheap hard alcohol hidden in some of the plastic containers.

Silver dazzled in the sputtering fluorescent light as a turquoise stone swung on the end of the long sterling silver wire. With every step, the turquoise peeked out from behind his thick, black curls. “I had to defend my jewelry today again,” he said as he took a swig.

Conversation happened, but was a bit more strained than usual. When things ‘got weird’ between them, the ritual to take the edge off was to inhabit an empty room for half an hour. They’d drink some more and talk, but use the room as a contained area, like a confessional or secrets’ box. Tonight they got into the double bed and sat upright, passing the plastic bottle between them. After some drinks he lied down and positioned his body to face the window as she started to speak. She felt distant from him, like he wasn’t telling her as much as he had in their past. She wanted to be closer; she wanted it to be like old times. Didn’t he trust her anymore? Pause. Or was there something else? He didn’t provide answers or assuage her fears; he remained quiet and motionless.  He didn’t turn as she placed her hand on his shoulder. A shiny film of drool reflecting the stale orange lights from outside pooled on his pillow. She sighed in disappointment.

“I know y’all gonna change those sheets now before I get back with some ice,” said a strained deep voice from the door.

In her focus, she must not have heard the door open. She was greeted with an impatient stance from a tall, muscular body with a loud mini skirt and halter stretched across it. Long, red nails were being tapped on the door frame while hair extensions almost broke free from the headband as s/he shook her head in chiding. The queen’s eyes met the young girl’s as a righteous finger shook in the air.

“Wake that little boy up and get him outta my bed. Y’all two are lucky I aint tellin yo manager.” The queen huffed and made a small scene as she walked quickly down the hall.

The girl sighed again.

The movie cut to the next scene in school. In these scenes I began to transition into the man-boy’s place. Two things occurred, but I cannot remember their order. I’ll start with what I feel may have been first: The House (again, The House always comes before the critters).

He/I had cut school that afternoon. I slipped out while everyone was talking and eating lunch outside. My friend was still inside somewhere, and she was likely annoyed and still wanting to talk. I took the opportunity to get on my scooter and leave campus; no one else would know I was gone. It only took me about ten minutes to get to the city limits. I exited the city and followed a sense of urgency. The expedition was unplanned; I had neither a map nor supplies. Structure fell away once outside the city. Traffic lights were few and far between. Stretches of road were long and winding. Businesses were mostly long closed down or nearly empty. The air was fresh but buzzing in a different way than it does within the city walls, untainted by human thoughts. I traveled through rolling hills of green like an ocean swim.

And then I arrived. A small corridor between two stone walls overgrown with ivy was my way in. I parked my bike outside and slid between the walls. At the end, acres of land opened before me. This looked like a private estate. The lawn was well maintained and saturated green. A garden wrapped itself enchantingly around some small houses and sheds. Paths seemed to spring up right under my feet, and they led me to a hole in a wall, an empty stable and a tiny, furnished house. All of these were overgrown with ivy or honeysuckle. Looking through the hole in the wall, I saw more land of the same, with gardens and greenery and fruit. Though it may not have seemed so special, I found it difficult to avert my eyes. They felt stuck on the scene. Slowly a dewy haze crept in from my peripheral vision. I heard music on the wind and melodic voices singing.

If it was not for the raucous in the stable beside me, I would probably still be staring down that hole. I literally jumped at the loud noise, like a stable door being slammed shut. When I looked though, nothing in or around the stable seemed to have moved. I almost loss my balance as I examined the stable. I grabbed my head as it began to ring. With one hand on my head and the other out in front of me, I stumbled away from the wall with the hole, the tiny house and the full-sized stable. Walking back the way I came in, I saw some things I did not notice upon first gaze. So strange that I missed a large tan sign claiming this was an estate and the gigantic House many yards away. Unfortunately, my distorted vision did not allow me to read the name or address on the sign. An old man’s voice came out of nowhere, followed be his very presence next to me. His image was blurred, but I take it he was the grounds’ keeper. The House looked well-kept and full of life until the man touched me. My thoughts raced with him through a gutted-out House that barely stood except for its pretentious façade. I pulled myself free of his grip and charged to the corridor between the walls.

As I was running from The House a wind kicked up suddenly from the opposite direction that I was running. In a strange daze of pain and disorientation, I began to panic at this manifestation. If this was a magic land, well, then I’d fight back with its own rules. I called for my broom to come save me. My Will guided it right to my hands. I jumped aboard and blasted off to the walls. The House, angry with my attempt, gained gravity to distort space. I felt myself being pulled in by its force. To answer its threat, I shrunk myself and dissipated to avoid its gravitic grip. It seemed to shriek as the sky began to crumble, but I had made it to the walls.

My head pain was its worst just before entering the walls. As soon as I managed to slide myself in, I recombined into myself and the pain and ringing dimmed as my vision cleared. I stayed between the safety of the walls and rested until I felt more sober and in control. Looking back toward the estate, I could see none of what I had just experienced; it was just a wash of trees and green.

I fled back to the university on my scooter, eager for some normalcy of everyday life. My parking spot was still free so I took it. The face of the clock read a time that was virtually no longer than my scooter ride within the city limits; I was not even late for my next class, which happened to be “Wellness” (the college cop-out name for gym). I hadn’t been able to change so I showed up in my suit. The instructor made me play basket ball regardless. We had numerous courts, all on the lower floor of the gym. The design was such that a running platform was above the court and stairwells were at either side of the court leading up to the running track. I was on the stairwell when the instructor winged the ball in my direction. I caught it, but the instructor’s impatience and distaste was more than apparent.

My reaction was just that: a reaction. Without thinking, I shot the ball at the wall opposing him with the same gusto. The echo was like the thunder of Zeus announcing his displeasure. My plans to stare down the instructor were foiled by distraction. I heard two balls fall from the wall, one right after another. This anomaly immediately got my attention; a human vendetta was small potatoes compared to physics gone awry in the “real” world.

Indeed there were two balls on the floor, but neither of them was a basketball. They were about the size of one, but one was white and the other was black, and they both seemed to be growing. The balls unfolded into two creatures that stood about 10 feet high. They were both bipedal and had bodies similar in structure to humans. They were sexless and their appendages were malleable, morphing from arms and hands with opposable thumbs to tentacles to robotic cylinders with claws or clasps. Their faces were different, but both animal-like. Though these animals represented were no animals found on earth, the best likeness my human mind could grasp was a rabbit for the white one and a horse for the black one. They both greeted me and telepathically introduced themselves. The white one was Odds and the black one was Ends. They huffed and blew some smoke as their eyes began to twirl and flash. A speech seemed to be eminent, but was cut short by a ball that made contact with my head. They dissolved into the air and seemed to traffic back to the hands and face of the clock, with Odds filling the spaces of the faces and Ends bleeding back into the hands and numbers.

To be continued…

Posted in stream of consciousness by theskinhorse on May 18, 2010

I have pieces of Time

sealed in a bottle,

dismembered and broken,

static in resin.

I have pieces of Time

sealed in a bottle

that vibrates at the end

of my chain

during Water percussion.

I have pieces of Time

sealed in bottle,

made by hands that love,

and a mind that shines.

I have pieces of Time

sealed in a bottle

around my neck

that I finger

as I meditate

on pieces of Time

as S/He dances

without moving.

My friends for the journey

Posted in Dreams, Visions by theskinhorse on February 23, 2010

The woman – she was a relative of mine I think… at least a neighbor. She came in a pair. There were always two of her: the dominant, mentally-stable one and the subordinate, mentally-handicapped one. Each incarnation they switched roles, but they were always bound together. She/they wore a lot of red. Often, there was a contorted face of displeasure also worn.

We lived by grasslands and on or near a farm. I got the sense that we either raised livestock or worked for those that did. Our homes were spartan huts made of stone, clay and wood. The hearth was the focal point of the common room. The open area served as our kitchen, lounge, meeting room and dining room. One long table sat under windows oriented to the East. The same table was used for preparing food, eating, talking and performing minor surgeries when needed. Our bedrooms were small with just enough room for a nightstand, a lantern, a washing bowl, a shelf for prayer or idols and a primitive bed of hay, wool and cloth.

I found myself often taking the journey from our hut to the town for supplies. By foot, it took several days. By wagon, I could be there and back in one day if I was energetic, efficient and not distracted. I usually took the wagon.

The town was all stone. I could see towers and small castles from the windows in our hut. A tall wall marked the perimeter of the town. Only certain people were allowed through the gates. We were known by many of the village officials so entering was never an issue.

The political climate of the village was not to my understanding. Over the years, I had noticed the hierarchy and how the preferred candidate to rule always seemed to gain control. All the leaders looked the same once they entered the system, despite how they may have looked before. They also all behaved the same… as if one man was re-incarnating himself into the ruler time and time again. My curiosity got the best of me one night. I called upon my Sky Dragon, invisible to human eyes, to take me through the village on the night of the passing of the metaphorical crown. With my black cloak, I was almost invisible in the dark sky of the new moon as I sat on the back of my Dragon. Perched on rooftops, we listened. Gripping the sides of the wall, we watched. It became apparent that my previous assumptions were correct; the ruler was a re-incarnation of a previous ruler, and he, a re-incarnation of a previous one, and so on. I do not know how the copies function; they all seem very robotic. Nor do I know the original blueprint, but already I have seen too much. No one caught me spying that night, thankfully. I haven’t ventured there at night on my Dragon since.

This day that I saw so clearly was not a remarkable one. The sun hung high in the sky as I started out to the village much too late in the day. The spring to summer transition was perfuming the air with ripeness and youth. The sky was clear blue and the plains were open and vast. I walked with my empty basket and pocket full of coins to where we usually kept the wagon. It was not there. A bit confused, I wandered our property, looking for it. No luck, so I started down the road on foot.

I met the Black Dog only about 50 paces from the hut. Funny that I didn’t see this stark black speck contrasting the greens and tans of the landscape from the hut. It seemed as if he had become more apparent the closer I got to him. He looked jackal if he turned one way and doberman if he turned another. He did not take his piercing eyes off of me. Naturally, I returned his stare. His glare made me slightly uneasy, but not fearful. I do not know how he felt about my glares back. As I passed him, he began to follow me. He trialed behind at a fair distance from me. His attendance did not feel predatory or even that strange to me, but still I wondered why he had chosen to follow.

I caught sight of our wagon on the road. The one harness was empty. After walking so far from the hut, I was discouraged to retrace my steps. I would lose much precious daylight. As I huffed, I heard a noise from behind me. A black stallion came speeding out of the horizon. He passed the Black Dog with a nod of recognition before stopping between him and I. All three of us just stood looking at each other for some time. I was a little baffled, but also somewhat hopeful that I may receive help from this spontaneous horse. Both the dog and the horse made some gestures that I did not understand at first. They paced a bit impatiently at my stillness. Not knowing what else to do, I sat in the wagon with my basket. Immediately, the Black Dog hopped inside and sat opposite to me, still staring at me with his pitch-black, whirlpool eyes. He sat calmly, not moving one bit except for a slight wagging of his tail. I drew my eyes away from him for a moment to watch the horse. He whinnied and cocked his head at me. I thought to myself:  “You wouldn’t want to be a good boy and get in the harness to pull me, would you?” To my surprise, the horse responded by oriented himself close to the harness so I could put it on him. He trotted off rather tamely and almost happily. So I was off to the village with a Black Dog with a Death stare and black horse that was telepathically obedient. And here, all I knew I had for my journeys was the Dragon.

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Epic dreams and Leprechauns

Posted in Dreams, Visions by theskinhorse on November 10, 2009

My toes felt grain slide between them, and I registered the warm sensation of sand enveloping my feet as I walked onward. A toothless, old man in red robes greeted me with a wide smile. His eyes squinted from the noon-day sun, but I could still see the graciousness dancing with apprehension in his eyes. Other younger men in different colored robes extended their hands in welcome. I shook the hand of a monk in white robes, and he led me on, past the pyramids and open tombs, to where my desert path was to meet the forest’s edge.

My indigo robes seemed to sublime into the sky as the landscape gradually shifted from tan to green. I found myself in leather sandals,  woodswoman garb, with a bow in hand and a stash of arrows on my back. I turned to look behind me, to signal my safe arrival to the monks, but the desert had vanished.

I don’t remember much of my walk through the forest, and before I knew it, I was locked in a high room in a castle. I re-oriented myself with the environment. The stones making up the walls were old, some cracking. There was little furniture in the room, only bookselves, a sparsely decorated table with a globe and time piece, and a solitary red leather chair. I was with my partner, who looked to be of a hybrid elvish and dwarfish nature. I had no idea what I looked like, but feeling the spikes of my hair, part hedgehog would not be a stretch. My partner looked worn-out, slightly beaten and woozy. I saw some scrapes on my own body, and quickly realized that we were being held captive.

I heard the heavy door open behind me. An older man with long gray hair dressed in burgundy robes slipped in the room quietly. Seeing my confusion, he held a finger to his lips to silence any outbursts that I may have been inclined to make. It was apparent to me that he was likely breaking many rules by conversing with prisoners.

He spun the globe and set the time piece. He whispered to us the details of the opposing army’s plans. We had come for the princess, but they were planning to make an example of her to their people in hopes of instilling martial law. They planned to frame her as a traitor and then publicly execute her. With the king close to death and his only child slaughtered, it would only be a matter of time before the kingdom was theirs. We had a finite amount of time to rectify the situation and save the princess by absconding her to another land.

Time was already ticking. I saw the time piece moving more quickly than I had originally anticipated. The old man told us that there were only two ways out of the room. Either we walk out the door he came in by (he would leave it unlocked) with the certainty of immediate battle, or we could slip out the window, travel on the rooftops until we found a way to the ground. We choose the latter. The old man left us, and we quietly opened the window. From the rooftops we could see the military critters meandering among the villagers, drinking sloppily, sniffing the air and smiling smugly.

“We’re not going down there,” I told my partner. I closed my eyes, turned inward and called out to the Comet-Fae to come to our aid. Immediately we were rushed off the rooftops like fireworks shot off into the sky. No one noticed our departure since the Comet-Fae covered our sky-fire tracks. As we flew like rockets over the land, wind assaulted our eyes and faces. We barely could keep our cheeks from puffing outward. The wind was loud against our ears, so loud we wouldn’t be able to hear each other’s shouts if we could manage them.

The Comet-Fae dropped us off on a grassy hilltop and then sublimed into the clouds. At the hill, we met a small critter with tattered green clothes (leaves?) and skin the color of dirt. He had a disproportionately large mouth and friendly but tired eyes. He complained about how hungry he was. Looking through my pockets, I found only five coins. Upon seeing them, his eyes got big and he began to drool as his tongue flopped out of his mouth.  He hopped about in a frenzy demanding the coins “Gimme! Gimme!” As I tossed them his way, he ate them up greedily.

A random source moving through the nearby trees announced that he was a leprechaun, and contrary to popular belief, leprechauns live off of currency, consuming jewels, gold, silver and coins. Typically they will have a large enough supply to sustain them their entire lives, but with rainbows and travelers running low in this area, this particular leprechaun had not eaten in quite some time. For reasons unknown to me, he could not bound away without repaying us. Supposedly, for every meal you gave him, he was obliged to grant you a wish. In times of surplus, it was very difficult to coax a leprechaun into consuming your currency for a wish, as they usually had plenty themselves. A traveler would try to bargain while the leprechaun made him jump through hoops and complete nonsensical tasks only to wear the traveler out to the point of slumber. When the traveler awoke, the leprechaun was usually gone. This one, unable to refute his act of gluttony, conceded without much trouble. He approached us in a straightforward manner and asked what our five wishes were. He counted on his fingers as I wished away.

“I wish that we are able to save the princess in time.”

“I wish that her safety and our safety are assured.”

“I wish that we will have an army of Fae from this forest.” At this, his face became colored with apprehension.

“And I wish that all the Fae to accompany us will survive safely and remain intact.” He smiled.

“I wish that the triumph over this army lasts for ages so we do not have to re-engage in battle with them.”

And that is where I awoke in my bed.

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for the Telling

Posted in 1 by theskinhorse on November 1, 2009

A good story never provides ALL of the information on a particular subject in one place. It does, however, provide enough mirrors to reflect upon and angle just so, so that infinity spreads out before a merry wanderer. (And we’re all wanderers.)

The morning is cool and rainy, perfect for the day after All Hallows’ Eve. We remembered the dead and faced our fears; we sought out the forgotten and broke some bounds. Be mindful of one’s costume, for like attracts like. Donning hues of violet and perriwinkle in amidst sparkles and elven mimicry, I was perfectly aware of the visitors to come. They move swiftly on winds and through light and shadow, whispering and giggling as they hide in plain sight. Quiet smiles cross my lips as I match their fun and revelry.

“Keep her away from feisty floral life, bright rings and the hedgerow, for we may never see her again,” they would say as I share my apple with my friends, watching many of them float among dandelion seeds and curtains of mist. I do not distrust them in ways that many humans do (even when there is fair reason to). The mix of blood in my veins, my guardian trees and patron cats afford natural protection as well as tight bonds. We understand each others’ desires and whims, dances and games. Playing does require an odd sense of humor, patience and proper guidelines. If you do not know those guidelines, here is not the place to seek those answers. (Not all at once. Remember?) What I can tell you is this: the answers are found in countless stories, many you have surely heard numerous times before. The secrets are wrapped in silk words that move like water in the brook or clouds across the moon.

Stories have great power: power to inspire, power to lull, ignite, placate, woo, usurp, persuade, break, rouse… the list is as numerous as the stories themselves. Pick your favorites wisely. Commit some to memory, and toss others to the wolves or out your window. You are known by many by which ones you choose to tell. This is how they know you.