From the Horse's Mouth

Posted in 1 by theskinhorse on April 6, 2010

Last night, in a dream, I was trying to find a birthday present for Sheldon. (Of course, 1. this would not please him and 2. I could not outdo Penny‘s gift in Season 2, so I am not sure why I was looking for one.) The entire dream was spent in comic book stores and sci-fi specialty stores looking for the perfect Spock replica. I woke up this morning a little disturbed, wondering why I was so concerned with the happiness of this strange, socially inept, sometimes callous but inwardly child-like man.

Often times, when watching Big Bang Theory, my SO and I will point to the screen as a particular character emphasizes a particularly ridiculous attribute and shout “that’s you!” Mostly through this little banter, I’ve come to realize that I share some similar characteristics to that eccentric man (many of which will not be named here, and many of which do not manifest until one starts living with me). I have to admit, I admire the man’s honesty, even when it is socially tactless. I also identify with the discomfort of being put in a position in which I am expected to abide by certain superfluous social protocol or in which I know I am being asked to lie for others or to lie to assuage their insecurities. In some ways, I would like to be more like him and in many ways, I clearly do not. (Or do I? No, wait… I do like being able to drive.)