From the Horse's Mouth

A series of dreams

Posted in Dreams, Visions by theskinhorse on September 15, 2011

Highly elemental dreams: Water, water everywhere…


The greenhouse was elevated on metal posts. Water appeared (seemingly out of thin air) and coalesced around the posts, forming large stalks of vertical rivers. The greenhouse uprooted itself and took off to unknown terrain.


At the edge of the ocean, I can see a strange island in the distance. The humans are performing fantastic and dangerous feats. I want to play with them over there. At the moment, I am simply wading in the warm waters.


I talk to my brothers while I assemble pieces of enchanted jewelry. One of them will hide the alien sphere I found. ┬áIn the meantime, I’ll be disguising it as an elaborate bead.


Raven came to me. He talks in visions and movements rather than caws and calls. This time he was a giant. She tried to take him with her to school. I didn’t warn her against it, despite an unsettling feeling that increased throughout the day. That Raven died that day. The story was told to me as a flashback, triggered by the sight of a radiant, warped, amber full moon in the Autumn night sky. Through the sheer veil of clouds, a young Raven emerged. He flew through the open window of a nearby parked car and took a seat in the back on the passenger’s side. Looking at me through the glass, I felt the connection to him, like a family member that had returned from their travels. I got in the car beside the one in which he sat. We left the lot as the Raven flew from the car towards ours. Before we could get down the street, we all heard a thud. My first thought was that we had hit my Raven brother. I jumped out of the car, sweaty with panic. Relief washed over me as I saw him standing on the street close to the rock that had left the dent in the car. He obviously stopped the car, and he obviously did not want me traveling with these people. I heeded his silent warning, and excused myself, saying I would walk home. Raven followed; I am under his watchful eye.

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