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Posted in babalon, goddess, scarlet woman, shakti by theskinhorse on July 29, 2011

Here’s what we have learned thus far:

Avatars of Babalon will mark men; that’s just how that works. Sex: a binding ritual, a shared condition or the attachment to the Goddess. Love: a contractual agreement, forever that elusive fantasy or a broken heart. Chaos and Transformation: the turning of worlds, battle wounds or a change of assets. If one is not marked by any of these, then he shall be with Fire.

She is not one to be forgotten or cast off. The Scarlet Woman’s sensory hooks are tenacious.


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  1. patience said, on July 31, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    want to know what i have learned: there are layers of delusions all around us…it has been very interesting in watching what others share in various ways at what eats at their minds and hearts based on where they act out, puff up and revolt against, me included. ego exploits love to control as the same with fear on one level. people have shown me that sex is about power, so yeah i see it as a binding ritual i guess. personally asexuality seems pretty relieving -> and almost a blessing to those who would like to live differently..with out this weakness or pulling. man made chaos is centered in these need to control and break others to some desired outcome, usually based on a variation of the surmounted scars and assessments one has gathered…(and those are titled-labeled with flexibility as ones personal vantage point in life changes.) life is about living and moving through the cycles of…ah life ahaha… and WATCHING others and WATCHING yourself. its about trial and error, its about nature, and its about creation. its about finding a way to be the change you wish to see int he world. peace and love…. beyond self centered-ness s is extremely difficult and inner and outer forces look to dilute…disfigure…and entangle all people to confront struggle in new ways. and life is a blessing…the struggle is a blessing as it brings new insights for ourselves and others to explore. you can not trust anyone fully as everyone has their own delusions; twisted issues and struggles to work through. being partners with someone is saying i will aid you and you will aid me, it is allowing a shared ‘Rosetta Stone’ of symbols to mingle and minds to connect to aid in better transition of ideas -> connectives, the vessels of ideas are the markers for which each component of the partnership can judge the depth of their involvement and progress in pact. no partnership is bound till the end; people may choose to come and go as they like -> but a breaking away is work as in giving real value to the original pact…and scars are essential in breaking a pledge to signify its original purpose and to mark the end of the/a promise. NO ONE walks away easily -> if they do you know the union was a true illusion. that is what I understand. peace

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