From the Horse's Mouth


Posted in Dreams, shakti by theskinhorse on July 27, 2011

My average days are becoming thick with the Wyrd.

While cooking, he showed me his hand. A line of paler, still tender flesh ran vertically across the palm, not so unlike the Fate Line in palmistry. This is the mark he received several nights prior after wrapping his hand around a handle of a hot cast-iron skillet. One that I had unintentionally heated while preparing for baking. I heard him talk about the pans, and I saw him approach the counter. My mind shouted “Don’t touch!” while my mouth lagged behind the message. He burned himself due to my lack of intervention. He forgives graciously, but forgetting is not an option.

“That mark will probably be permanent,” he says.

I furrow my brow in disappointment in myself and in beseechment of forgiveness from him once again.

He shrugged and smiled. “Now I get to say that this mark is from the Witch I live with that scarred me for life.”

Silent laughter erupted as we both nodded and exchanged knowing looks. “It’s true,” we both agreed.

And then I said: “Witches tend to do that, y’know…”


We ascended the majestic staircase side-by-side; it was important for our ascendance to be just that way. Neither could attempt to lead or follow. When one rushed forward or fell back, the staircase flattened and stretched, becoming a conveyor belt that sent us backward.

So we walked together, talking and enjoying each other’s company. The air grew thin and the visuals danced like stop-motion oil paintings. Agape we pressed onward: Up, Up and Away.

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  1. patience said, on July 31, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    i have not yet met a human who is not a magical witch or magician; even if they don’t use that wording… i see all humans as such. i don’t own the title and choose not to use it for myself (for the most part… for various reasons which include not want to disrespect people who mentally look to embody witchcraft as a spiritual path/ approach to life and because of my rearing; the culture i live with in as in one of the layers or stacking cups i am imbedded in; but the truth is…we all create and change…and force our wants; in various ways. on my end reading- practice of some of the things and talking with others gives me a better understanding of the mindsets of people i do or will have to interact with in the world as i move through it. on one level i think the title enables the ego to move more fluidly in some environments; and also serves a social function with in the wider world finding taboos as spaces of freedom, and also a force of intimidation which i have found to be a great way to deal with the larger pressures of culture in general.

    so i have not yet met a human who has not ‘marked’ another in some way. ;o) i have left some pretty lasting marks on the minds and hearts of others; and i call my self an eclectic student of life full of my own special sauce of magic. ahhahaha special sauce. yum.


    • theskinhorse said, on August 1, 2011 at 8:15 am

      Marks on the mind or heart are rather formless, which can help make them go unnoticed as marks by the bearers. Indeed we all mark each other. If not in the very literal physical sense, then by our actions, words, ideas, etc, as you mentioned. It’s the marks we carry that others can see or recognize that lead to origin stories. If we mark another in such an apparent way, we have become part of their tales that they share with others when questioned. If we leave marks that can be hidden, the ties never need to come out. “Inner” vs “outer” marks are slightly different in that way.

      • patience said, on August 1, 2011 at 12:58 pm

        hmmm… interesting. inner effects the outer; that all comes out in my opinion. even if people work to hard to shape all parts of thier behavior they work againts some inner thing…that ‘thing’ impacts thier outer exhistance. i get this orgin stories…i like how you think. peace

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