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really short stories

Posted in stream of consciousness by theskinhorse on September 29, 2009

I love creative writing challenges. I usually wind up going to Writing Prompts, but this morning I found a post that posed an equally fun challenge.  It’s a contest to write a story in ten words or less. I found that it forced me to be concise and witty without the added verbiage. I am re-posting mine because, yeah, I can be a little vain at times. (Seriously though, I think mine are pretty good… entertaining at the least.)

I think it is important to update the all-too-common tale that pushes specific gender roles, sexual orientation and common misconceptions.


The knight completed the rescue.
“You killed George!” Princess wept.


Help wanted: ‘Save princess from dragon! *female champions preferred.


Save Queen from dragon! Apply within (gay knights only).


Princess had to choose. Frankly, she knew the dragon better.


Princess had to choose. Dragon smirked. Yeah, Stockholm Syndrome.


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