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united in one body

Posted in 1 by theskinhorse on July 8, 2009

A film that you all should watch and one that should be shown in every junior high or high school class room:

The Corporation

corporate Look up corporate at
1398, “united in one body,” from L. corporatus, pp. of corporare “form into a body,” from corpus (gen. corporis) “body” (see corporeal). Corporation “incorporated company for doing business” is from 1530; corporatism is from 1890.
incorporate Look up incorporate at
1398, “to put (something) into the body or substance of (something else),” from L.L. incorporatus, pp. of incorporare “unite into one body,” from L. in- “into” + corpus (gen. corporis) “body” (see corporeal). The legal sense first recorded in Rolls of Parliament, 1461.


We’ve created giant bodies that propagate themselves with the characteristics of a psychopath or sociopath (as the film illustrates). Times Square is really nothing more than their playground as they conduct pissing contests and attempt to  bully each other around while they feed off of us, the insects that walk the streets, only good enough to feed their hive. They spread like cancer. Did we know what we were creating as we nurtured their development?

Corporation = cancer + psychopath

We fucked up this time.

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