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Tara Puja

Posted in 1 by theskinhorse on July 3, 2009

Though I have spent some time reading Buddhist texts over a number of years (some recalled more readily than others), I had not yet experienced a Buddhist ceremony. Serendipitously, yesterday a close friend of mine informed me of a ceremony, Tara Puja, held to honor Green Tara.

A more personal account is found here.

Tara embodies the feminine principle. Green Tara, specifically, helps overcome obstacles and misfortunes, both inner and outer:

“1) lions and pride
2) wild elephants and delusions
3) forest fires and hatred
4) snakes and envy
5) robbers and fanatical views
6) prisons and avarice
7) floods and lust
8) demons and doubt”

Offerings of fruit and flowers were made, placed on the altar between small votive candles and bowls of yellow-colored water,  before the cermenoy began. The ceremony lasted about 90 minutes, predominantly chanting, mantras and sounds of bells, drums and cymbals. Meditation was a personal experience. Most of the attendants meditated quietly with eyes closed for nearly the entire ceremony, some praying, others rocking.

It was a truly deep experience, bestwoing gifts of gratitude, openness, liberation, compassion and acceptance. The vocals of the monks riplled through my being as the loud noises banished negativity.

I left feeling re-awakened and renewed.

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