From the Horse's Mouth

a turn

Posted in Mind Goo by theskinhorse on May 19, 2009

I knocked down a column that was not being used. My brother, the engineer, builds things for fun. He helped me make a rotating bed out of the top of the column.

Turning, the way the light hits each angle obscures one part of me as it highlights the other. I can move with the turn to accelerate or move against it to slow the perspective down a bit, but it will keep turning.

There are turns of different natures that directly apply, which sometimes greatly effect 1. whether or not the column exists in the first place, 2. if it is maintained, 3. who sits on the rotating bed, 4. if the rotation even happens, 5. how much light comes through… etc etc

The probabilities we experience, the probabilities we see or do not see, sometimes these help us to respond, endure or act. Other times, it keeps us behind the curve.


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