From the Horse's Mouth

A Sleeper Hold

Posted in Mind Goo by theskinhorse on April 9, 2009

I feel the focus on results; it detracts from actually living. Do… do… continue DO-ing.

(responses are sometimes merely the first thing that comes to mind in a situation- as much fabrication as they are explanation.)

Sometimes I get sick of eating.

Sometimes we act as chemical bags of need adept at hubris.

Self-interest is one of the greastest motivations for writing.

It’s coming back to me… why I spat nonsensical, colorful non-words and deconstruction. So many times words can mean nothing. We re-evaluate their status and effect as it suits us. It makes me not want to speak.

We trained ourselves to have terminal attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The aether ate my face.

“Perfection” can be viewed as complete cohesion. It is not for everyone; there must be different Ways. It takes diversity to form a sustainable ecosystem.

We are born with forgetfulness. At every “clean slate” we are a stranger; we are estranged.

We must learn. Third parties want to know who you studied under.

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