From the Horse's Mouth


Posted in Mind Goo by theskinhorse on April 5, 2009

I see bikers greet each other on the road, and it makes me wish I had a Harley at times.

Sometimes I key into imagery in art that is not the subject or focus, and I wonder if the artist placed the image there with intent or if it is there at all. Our eyes often see what they desire or what they Will.

In a sober mind-frame, I can participate without in-depth observance. When I am in other states, I cannot help but notice, see, take notes. I try not to feel like I am being judgmental when I catch a glimpse of a piece or side of someone that they seem to try to hide or cover. People’s words, actions, expressions, and mannerisms betray their ruse… as we can betray Our Selves at times.

Slyest Fiend / Defy: Lets Sin / Dies: Sent Fly / Ends Fey List

The composition broken,  rearranged and reassembled may bear harsh refractions, but it is all the same material. The materials are only the beginning; the structure, order (or lack thereof) as well as the coniditions and the ability to perceive and understand can drastically alter the outcome or result ( additionally, the message/intent sent and/or received).

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