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Posted in 1 by theskinhorse on March 29, 2009

If one does not acknowledge the ripple-effect, ebbs and flows, tides or the serenity in depth, then one does not understand Water. Remember what you are, human, your composition and constitution. Look to your home planet and see those reflections.

What can be found within our expression of “water:”

“O.E. wæter, from P.Gmc. *watar (cf. O.S. watar, O.Fris. wetir, Du. water, O.H.G. wazzar, Ger. Wasser, O.N. vatn, Goth. wato “water”), from PIE *wodor/*wedor/*uder-, from root *wed- (cf. Hittite watar, Skt. udnah, Gk. hydor, O.C.S., Rus. voda, Lith. vanduo, O.Prus. wundan, Gael. uisge “water;” L. unda “wave”). Linguists believe PIE had two root words for water: *ap- and *wed-. The first (preserved in Skt. apah) was “animate,” referring to water as a living force; the latter referred to it as an inanimate substance. The same was probably true of fire (n.). To keep (one’s) head above water in the fig. sense is recorded from 1742. Water cooler is recorded from 1846; water polo from 1884; water torture from 1928. First record of water-closet is from 1755. Water-ice as a confection is from 1818. Watering-place is 1440, of animals, 1757, of persons. Water-lily first attested 1549. Waterfront is attested from 1856.” Etymology

The vibrations within WATER encompass concepts of consciousness and movement woven in Fortuna’s hands and explored in “The Turn.”

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  1. 999 said, on April 2, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    Water – Feminine, cool, prime, expanse or planar, depth, 3rd dimension, growth, pressure, sustenance, diligence, patience, life-giver, totality, crushing annihilator, wisdom; West/South; the Chalice • the Whip/Tether.

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